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It is important for companies considering entering Japan to understand Japanese business culture and high contex culture.
Companies entering Japan, need to be patiently addressed carefully every operation and customer care tasks on-by-one while communicating with each Japanese stakeholders.

I think it is necessary for experienced overseas projects to understand the differences in Japanese business practices and to be able to quickly respond to consultants who can communicate in Japanese.

We also offer professional services in international markets by introducing complexed case examples, products and IT solutions in Japan. And we support the operation efficiency of client companies and new business development.


Our Mission

Think Globally, Act Locally

Our mission is to promote the client’s business smoothly and to provide unique value through communication with Japanese companies.We understand the many expectations of Japanese for our clients and create solutions while communicating with stakeholders in Japan.


Our Vision

We help our clients operate globally.
Based in United States we provide support for our clients through in-dept consulting knowledge and global project management experience.We incorporates the latest IT technology and global project management methodology and take our clients in new industries and regions around the globe.

Let’s make a better World!

We will support you to make the world better on global scale.